What is Remote Viewing?

Posted by on August 5, 2014

In a super quick nutshell - it’s a way of gaining “non-local information” ;) Doesn’t tell you too much but it’s pretty accurate.

Ok, try this - Have you ever wondered what it’s like on Mars, the dusty red planet, or who shot JFK and why? What about the stories of lost ancient civilizations here on Earth, or if there are Aliens from other planets and galaxies visiting us? And what are those Nazca lines for anyway? Any question that people argue over, any question that has plagued humanity, any question that an answer cannot be found for can be looked into with Remote Viewing. You can travel the Universe with your mind and actually experience what has and is happening anywhere.


But for all practical purposes - In the early 1970’s the CIA decided to funnel money into a program to see if they could turn psychic’s into spies. At that time the claim was that the Soviet Union was doing it and the apparent attitude of the United States was that they had to find out if it could really work. If the Soviets were successful, then they would be able to gain intelligence in a way that the US could not. Basically - Hey, the Soviets are doing it so we should probably look into it as well. So, they embarked on a program to see if they could do this in a meaningful and repeatable way.


By developing a protocol and using ideogrammatic language, they were able to repeat the process of gaining “non-local” information over and over, thereby creating a useful intelligence tool (according to some people).


Cut to 1995 - this “particular” program became “declassified” and released to the masses.


I won’t rehash the whole Remote Viewing story here because of all the information available on the internet today. Take it all with a big fat grain of salt though ;) The story may not be exactly as they say.


The only real way to understand Remote Viewing is by actually doing it, and if you stick around here some instruction will be forthcoming. Not just that, but you’ll get to see reports on projects that we are working on - answers to questions and at times more questions than answers.

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