Remote Viewing the Tomales Point Rock Lines

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Tomales-PointIn the early 1900's there were hundreds of reports of giants (giant humans) being found across the whole United States. Farmers would dig up "Indian Mounds" and they would be full of giant bones; caves would be investigated and mummified remains of giants would be recovered, or they were found buried on the edges of lakes that receded. As the lakes dried up they would begin to poke out...  There were so many stories of giant humans being found that it was common knowledge back then that there was once a race of large beings walking the planet. Inevitably, in most of these stories, the Smithsonian would come in to investigate and it would all disappear into a black hole along with denials of anything found. This set the stage for much debate and disagreement among academia and regular folk as to what the truth is. So much so that over time it has become difficult to discern truth from fiction -- and I personally feel it is designed to do just that.


One race we looked into are the Red Haired Giant remains found in Lovelock Nevada (a lot of info here on that plus a whole lot more) turned out to be a true find according to our remote viewing data. We have also looked into the JC Brown story wherein a prospector claimed that in 1904 he came across a cave in the Cascades full of giant mummies and remnants of their society, which we have also found to be true. Of course a lot of these stories are just yellow journalism, but quite a few of them pan out with Remote Viewing. In the coming months we will post the reports from the above investigations, but this specific one is another matter altogether.


California is rife with strange monuments and megaliths if you know where to look and what to look for... there are relics that the first Natives here do not claim, or know who built them. In our Remote Viewing expeditions we believe that we have come across cultures and societies that existed here well beyond the first Natives, and these include cultures that are both "giant" and non-giant that constructed these things. In fact, in some Native American lore they reference people that were here when they first arrived, both giant and non-giant. An investigative friend of ours, Dustin Naef, has been digging into the relationship between Native cultures and beings that were here before them. He researches this by conventional means (as opposed to Remote Viewing) and he has found a lot of Native American "legends" that speak of this.


This report is specifically about the Tomales Point Rock Line, which lies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Tomales Point Rock Line sits on a coastal area called Point Reyes - a sliver of land that is sliced by the San Andreas fault where Tomales Point juts into the ocean. Over the millennia, this point of land has moved northward from as far away as the Tehachapi Mountains (310 miles away). The line of rocks are embedded in the ground, and while it covers an obvious space of land seen by many who travel these hiking paths, no one knows  for sure who constructed it and there's a surprisingly small number of those who ask. If this were located in Britain, it would be automatically assumed that it was an ancient site and it would be studied. We have been trained over here to overlook these anomalies because we have been told there these things don't exist here. (Additionally there are many other similar rock walls that pepper the east bay area of San Francisco  - another thing we are looking into).


Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 9.56.57 AM


There has been some analysis and speculation on it, compiled in a run down here. Obviously they are all conventional explanations to the mystery and they come from speculating on what is known.


The conventional theories for this rock line are:

  • Ranchers created it in the 19th century
    • They built it as a wall but over time it came down, and now is just a stone line.
    • Another theory is that It was created as a survey line for a future rock wall.
  • The Chinese created it
    • They built other walls in the Bay Area, so perhaps they built these, too.
  • The Coast Miwok built it
    •   They called them "Spirit jumping off rocks" because they believed that when a person dies they go West, so these rocks guided them. (The problem with this is that they were not known to build stone lines and they have no record of building them)

Most of the conventional explanations have to do with a wall or a property marker and what is a wall typically for? It is for:

  • Protection
  • Containment
  • Division


In all of our data from the Remote Viewers we never get any reference to any of the above concepts, and these are very basic and simple gestalts that viewers will relay if it has to do with that. So, according to our Remote Viewing data, it was not created for those purposes above.


Instead when we tasked 3 Remote Viewers on why this stone line was created, our main gestalts that run through each session are:


  • A lot of paranormal and paraphysical activity
  • Subjects that are "ready to leave" and floating off
  • A portal type energy that transfers subjects
  • A very fast moving energy that moves directionally
  • Burials under rocks, stones and structures - giant bones


There is absolutely NOTHING in these sessions from 3 separate (and blind to the objective) Remote Viewers that comes even close to suggesting that they were created by ranchers there.


What it does come close to though is a statement from a Coastal Miwok about the site, and he called them - "Spirit jumping off rocks". In other words this was described by them as a place where spirits leaving earth use it to jump off - and the rock line is in a sense that jump off point. This explanation lines up nicely with some of our remote viewing data. The issue though is that the Miwok claim they did not build it (yet they knew what it was for). In our estimation, according to our data, it is correct that this area was used for just that purpose.


As a side note - One thing that we consistently run across with these megaliths and the ones who built them, is that they understood something about earth energies that we do not. They understood how to channel them and use them in ways that we have no idea about. This is one of those sites that has that aspect to it. They used stone to construct these things that had conductive qualities to it, like quartz. They knew how to charge seeds with energy using these methods, as well as use it for spiritual development.


But now the questions arises... if it wasn't the Miwok, then who was it?


The next tasking on this was for the viewers to describe the "Subject(s)" that created them as well as their culture, and this is some of the data -


  • Prehistoric
    • One viewer saw a line of human skulls much like you would see as an illustration of human evolution. What the viewer saw was one at the beginning of this line that was MUCH larger than the rest. (much older than the Miwok).
  • Strange Technology
    • The viewers describe the culture and subjects as having aspects that relate to crystaline type energies and "out of this world" technology - a space related aspect. They also describe subjects moving through "portals", and an awareness of them. It seems they had a deeper awareness of the way subtle energies move and how to manipulate it.
  • Pyramids
    • The Remote Viewers also describe pyramid shaped structures in relation to this tasking on their culture. Note - this is also something that we picked up with regard to the JC Brown Cave up in Shasta, where he found giant mummies.


The above does not sound like the Mikok culture, who were hunter-gatherers in the region. We run across this same language as it relates to other megalithic sites in California as well... you be the judge on who or what it could possibly be. We are coming to our own conclusions and will report on it once it is more firm.


Check part two of this installment to see what we found when we investigated the site - The Field Investigation.

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  1. mscir
    March 18, 2015

    Wow, interesting. Would make a great scifi novel. I hope you’ll spend more time on that civilization and see if you can find more remains from it.

    • righthemi
      May 16, 2015

      There is actually quite a bit more in the bay area…. I’m sure you know of the East Bay Walls. We began looking into these and they were definitely NOT built for containing anything. Very old and related to the transference of energy. The question is, what was the nature of this energy, where was it to be transferred to, and what was it for? This is before human civilization.

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