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Posted by on April 6, 2016

This is part 2 of Remote Viewing Aliens, so if you have not read the first part, make sure you do! This is also an excerpt from my book, The Time Before the Secret Words - On the path of Remote Viewing, High Strangeness and Zen

Dead space. A vacuum all around me; an indescribable ocean of blackness. Not the mundane kind of blackness where you close your eyes and see nothing, but an infinite multi-dimensional, darker than black expanse whose tendrils reach and travel forever. My head was spinning and tumbling like a piece of space debris caught in orbit trying to get its bearings straight. Every once in a while a colossal blue globe would quickly pass my field of vision as I tried emphatically to halt this dead spin and focus in on it. It was the only shaky consistency in my world that I could try and grasp at that moment, being that I couldn't remember how I got here.

Then the obvious occurred to me, well, how did I get here?  Closing my eyes I sunk deep inside myself to probe for something I could grasp onto, but memories seemed like an impenetrable bulwark; a giant brick wall I had to find a way into for an answer. Hitting this wall repeatedly couldn't be sustained and I contemplated just letting myself go into that infinite void of infinite black substance, leaving behind any effort.

As I was about to slip away into this ether, I began to remember something. It was an alarmed voice and an image of my wife from earlier in the day.

Seated at the dinner table with eyes wide, tracking back and forth, she's staring past me down the hallway that leads to the living room.

"Um, what is that!?"

I can see the deepening concern on her face and her eyes frantically trying to pinpoint something in the dark space behind us. Quickly craning my head back behind me I catch the tail end of "something" meandering like a lazy Sunday drive down the hallway. It was an ephemeral trail of white and light blue sparks ensconced in a translucent milky substance, like a train of moths spontaneously combusting one after the other.

My mind is straining in an instant trying to put it together with a palpable source, one that explains without any doubt the house is on fire, or perhaps, a bug zapper was left in the hallway. Just as soon as I saw it, it was gone, and there was no bug zapper, nor was there a burning house. I looked back to her; fear, relief and questions running over her face. My mouth opened, chewing out a slow drawn word, "Moths?”

Like traveling down a dark tunnel at the speed of light I found myself right back in the spinning vacuum. This time my face slammed against a porthole window, my whole world leveled off and I was completely lucid and aware. I was staring down at our Earth from space with its fragile layers of atmosphere and white wispy arms covering parts of her continents. Pulling myself from this awe, I looked to my immediate surroundings. There were exposed colorful wires everywhere, a skeletal framework and a control panel in front of me. Like a space monkey, I was in some sort of pod floating in orbit and in that instant I knew what was happening. It all came back to me.

After the incident at dinner we were both very tired and felt an uncharacteristic heavy pull to go to sleep. What was it that she made for dinner? Was it the pasta? Did she slip me a mickey? Ah, fuck it... so tired.

Drifting off quickly, I found myself almost immediately in this scenario, now fully aware it was a dream and what I was supposed to do.

I was stuck, trapped in orbit. I came up here to look for something very important and it had to do with a project we were currently working on. I knew that my team, my Remote Viewers, were down on the surface of the planet waiting for me to find it, and available to help if I needed it. I called down to them using some 1950's radio relay system built into the ancient control panel in front of me... some remnant left in my psyche from watching too many reruns of Lost in Space. "Danger Will Robinson, I'm stuck up here, I can't find "it" and I can't get back. Please get help, call on whoever you can to get me out of here, use the communication protocol!"

At that moment I realized they didn't have to do anything because out of my port-side window I could see a huge object moving toward me. It was glowing and shaped like a large brain, or a chewed up wad of gum which somehow exuded an acerbic intelligence. Watching it intently, it appeared to be a giant hive of some sort with streams of electrical blue lightening zipping across it and beings of some sort inside of it. I knew just the act of expressing the need for help inside of myself called them to me.

Back in bed, while this theater is unfolding, I am starting to notice someone is tapping me awake; pushing on my shoulder harder and harder. I try to brush it off because this so called dream is too enticing to let go of. The incessant tapping continues and I mumble "ok ok", assuming it's a complaint about me talking in my sleep again. Better make it fast so I can get back to this lucid dream.

I reach around to grab the hand that's tapping me and I get a sensation of a strange slick bumpy surface as it pulls away. I'm startled, I sit up straight, jolted into complete awareness with what feels like gallons of adrenaline finding any and every avenue of expression through my body in one instant. In front of me is a 3 foot tall "thing" with a head shaped like a football on its side. The eyes are 2 small peering black dots on the far ends of this angular football shaped head. Overall, it's a light tan color with darker brown spots and right under the head are a myriad of large bumps. The rest of the body appears to be a spindly mess, barely capable of supporting this large head, yet it moved with such ease.

My body seems to be having a visceral reaction to the presence of this thing that appears to be nothing mammalian, reptilian, mineral or vegetable. Primal physical fear consumes me and panicked emotions flood into my head. All sorts of ingrained coping mechanisms are trying to assert some control over my body and mind, but it is not working!

As I am trying to cope with this mess, I hear clearly in my head: "Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. We are here to help you and we would like you to help us. We made your dream. We are from the Signal."

At that moment while "it" was saying this, I understood and felt from this creature all of the emotions occurring in me were like rocks being thrown at it. The intensity was too much for it to take, so it started backing up and waving its gangly limbs frantically. While making an audible "noooooo" sound, it disappeared into an explosion of zipping blue fireflies.

I was half-expecting this after crossing their path during the work we did on the mysterious signal, but I never imagined the weirdness quotient would ramp up this much. There were too many questions here as well, but the main one was, what project, and how could I possibly help a race of beings who appear this sophisticated?

To be continued...

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