Taos Hum – Solved?

Posted by on May 10, 2015

taos humHave you ever been to Taos, and have you heard the hum? The Taos Hum is reported to be a very low frequency rumbling that sounds like a distant engine idling, but with no known source or direction. Congress had actually ordered a study to find the cause, and while they found nothing concrete, they did surmise that 2% of the worlds population can hear it... whatever it is.

There have been a lot of theories put forward as to what it is, but in reality no one is closer to understanding it.

Some theories -

  • Tinnitus in the individuals hearing it
  • Secret government mind control program
  • Underground UFO bases
  • Mundane mechanical devices idling
  • Spontaneous otoacoustic emissions
  • ELF (Extremely Low Frequency)

There have been a spate of strange noises heard around the world lately, some of it so strange and spooky, that we had to look into it. We're talking about what sound like trumpets coming from the sky, to a series of booms that shake and crack windows.

So far we have come across hoaxes and we have come across the mundane, but some fall into a nether category that is very difficult to describe - not hoaxed, not mundane, has paranormal aspects, alien aspects, and oddly, confrontational aspects (fighting).

We will report on some specific cases of these in the future, but for now let's look at what the cause of the Taos Hum is as described by a team of Remote Viewers.

Remember, with Remote Viewing, all viewers are blind to the objective and have absolutely no idea what they are working on. They just sense, see and describe within the protocol.

Then for the sake of analysis, in very simplistic terms, we line up the data between the sessions and report on it.

If you've never seen or done Remote Viewing, then it can be difficult to understand how the process works. An individual Remote Viewing session doesn't mean so much, and you never really rely on that... the power of Remote Viewing comes from multiple viewers all working the same objective and the analyst lining up the data between them. When you have multiple viewers all describing the same thing, using the same language, it becomes apparent the powerful tool you have at your disposal.

Moving on to the data -

The disclosure of this objective was "The cause of what is known as the Taos Hum".

The first thing that every viewer describes is a mountain - a natural land form, and they write it as such. It's very large and prominent like a mountain. Every session also describes a flow and a soaring, and nature/natural aspects. An expanse of land with large landforms. They also describe with this a joy and peacefulness.

As the sessions progress the viewers begin to all describe a hole in a natural land form/mountain and pressure that moves in and out of it. The other thing they describe is, well, an ear.

Some specific notes from the sessions:

"Feels like a funnel" (viewer draws picture of a hole on a natural landform)

"Feels like going into the belly of a structure"

"Like falling into a suck or hollow"

"Mouth like feature at the edge of cliff"

The viewers then describe an "ebb and flow" into the mouth like opening on the cliff/mountain - they also relate this to an ear on a subject!

"Like a balloon blowing up"

"Pulling in motion"

"Opening and closing, sliding in back and forth"

"Distinct in and out"

"Like inserting ones head into an opening"

"Sensitive ear"

So, what do we NOT get here in the data from the Remote Viewers.

We do not get any language around any secret government programs, no idling engines or mechanical parts doing mechanical things. No Alien bases. No nothing to suggest anything related to these types of theories.

What the data does suggest is that the cause of the hum is more of an environmental condition than anything else. The pressure gradients of the local atmosphere as well as the possibility of that pressure moving in and out of the caves surrounding the Taos area. The other side of this is a certain type of sensitivity within certain individuals to experiencing this maddening vibration.

Obviously it will take more taskings on different angles with regard to why certain individuals hear it, but overall there appears to be a more mundane explanation to this.

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