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Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.14.07 PMThis is a follow up (part 2) to the initial JC Brown Mystery and part of what we found in our investigation through Remote Viewing. If you haven't yet, please read the first part here - The JC Brown Mystery.



The Cascades cover a very large area which runs from Northern California all the way up to British Columbia, and this is the range that JC Brown had claimed to have found the mysterious cave full of giant mummies and artifacts. What he did not do though is narrow down the area within the range (at least publicly). There is tangential evidence which places him and the cave in a certain location of the Cascades  though- the area of Mt. Shasta. If you use a search engine you can find some of this info on other websites... I won't go into it here.

The challenge for us as Remote Viewers is to confirm the area of Mt. Shasta as the location of the cave and then try and narrow it down further to a specific location, which can prove to be difficult.

We typically employ different tasking methods to go about this. We will have viewers look at some current mysteries in the area to see if they line up with any of the data we got in the initial JC Brown cave sessions. We will also task on the description of the location of the cave, and even though they describe it well, it's typically rocks and cliff walls that could be practically anywhere. Then we will also task on a easily identifiable landmark in the area of the location in question.

Remote Viewers will not come right out and tell you it's "Mt Shasta" because that is not necessarily how it works. Remote Viewers will typically be descriptive about what they are viewing and will not venture into "naming" things, and if they do "name" something then it is considered a deduction and that data is pushed of to the side when doing analysis. That is why we approach it from a couple of different angles.

First off though, let's have a look at where it is not!

Door to JC Browns Cave?

doorwayThere were some claims made by various people, and one researcher in particular, that a certain location in the Shasta area is the JC Brown cave. It's an intriguing idea to say the least - a sheer cliff wall with interesting outcrops and... wait for it... sealed entrances! Almost too good to be true. The other claim made about these sealed doorways is that it is the entrance to a mythical underground civilization called "Telos". Making no assumptions, we sent our Remote Viewers to "see" what was behind those sealed doors.

Overall the viewers described a human created and manipulated environment with descriptions of water, pumping and control panels. There was no indication of what we got in other sessions related to the JC Brown cave itself - namely, artifacts and mummies.

Our intrepid explorer friend, Dustin Naef, (Note - Dustin's site is currently down - but he does have a new book about to be released - Mount Shasta's Forgotten History and Legends, which I highly recommend if your interest is in JC Brown and Mt. Shasta) sent us this picture as well (that's him in the photo). dustin-telosHe, like us, was very skeptical of the this being the entrance to JC Browns cave.
Look closely at the picture - what's interesting about this is that pipe on the ground in the lower right hand side of the image - why is there a pipe coming out of there? Dustin informed us that this location sits on private property and is owned by a religious organization. We did a bit more research and came across this website - (Note, that the page has gone away, but you can see it here archived - If you watch the image slider on that page, you'll eventually see this same cliff wall and one of the "doors". There are also images of what is inside that cave.

So, what do we have here? Based on our research, this location is a natural water catchment and the doors are there to seal it up and pump it out for the community. The website states that the land is privately owned by a religious organization and they have been given the rights to pump out the water. This also lines up with what the Remote Viewers described, water catchment and pumping- and we have no indication that this is JC Brown's cave.

Let's look at where it MAY be -

The Mysterious Mounds of Mt Shasta

Throughout the United States and especially in the mid-west and east coast there were pre-contact cultures that built large earthen mounds. The main reason for building the mounds was to bury the dead. The mainstream anthropologists and archaeologists claim that the  mounds were built by Native Americans, and occasionally some would be opened up to reveal giant skeletons and artifacts that were unlike what was found in the (supposed) Native American mounds. The Smithsonian got involved in a lot of these digs, and typically hushed them up if they involved reports of giant bones. In some well known cases where giants were were found in these mounds by outside researchers, the Smithsonian flatly denies involvement or that they hold any of the evidence, even though they carted it away.

All of that aside, there are mounds in the Shasta area, and quite a few of them. The reason why we decided to look into these mounds is because we have a gestalt of giants throughout the initial JC Brown cave sessions. Also, because some of these mounds across the US held giant skeletons, our idea was that if there were giant burials in these mounds then the JC Brown cave could be nearby or somehow related to the mounds. Even if not related though, it would still be amazing to find burials within these mounds - giants or not.

The first place we looked at is what one researcher labeled the "Tennant Water Mounds". The reason for this is because of the apparent flow of water that occurred at one time around these mounds as well as its location close to a town called Tennant. If you go to this page and scroll down, you can see some images -

These mounds look very similar to what has been found in other parts of the US.

We tasked the Remote Viewers on the reason for the creation of these mounds, and if they were for the purpose of burials or a sacred site, it would be apparent in the data. What we got from viewer to viewer though was markedly different. Each viewer described very fast flying movement by subjects, moving and dodging here and there and the gestalt of water. There was also the language of nesting and protection. The clincher was one Remote Viewer describing a "fluffy small bird like creature nesting" - even drawing a picture of what they described as a baby bird.

What we surmise about these particular mounds is that they were built as a nesting habitat, likely for water fowl. But, oddly, when we tasked on who built them and how they built them, we kept getting the damn birds again! No bulldozers, no shovels, no people. We have yet to figure that part out, and it is yet another Shasta mystery. Dustin Naef just posted on his site this article where he speaks about and investigates these mounds. I am in agreement with him that they are likely ancient and I believe that (based on our data) they were used for a water fowl habitation at some point in time. If you recall, the giants that were interred in Lovelock Cave Nevada, had duck decoys with them. Could the giants have built these mounds? It is a distinct possibility.


We did look at another mound location and came up with some very interesting data. Mt Shasta is chock full of strange mysteries and an investigation to these mounds will occur soon. For the time being though I will keep a lid on it.


So where does our data take us and what did we get for the landmark closest to JC Brown's cave? Our landmark data was actually quite clear and it is not in the area of these mounds even though they are fascinating and deserve further scrutiny.  I also cannot reveal the location of where we believe the cave to be... as of yet.

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