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Posted by on March 26, 2016

After 9/11 and the collapse of the Twin Towers, the FBI asked our remote viewing company to work on counter-terror issues. It was a time when most in the US thought another imminent, especially law enforcement, and they wanted to throw everything at the issue.

We worked many different aspects and angles, from remote viewing current time to remote viewing the future, and one of the questions they wanted answered on a continual basis was: "Describe the next attack on U.S. soil by {such and such} terrorist group". Sometimes we would work this weekly, sometimes monthly, and the reason why was because it was constantly changing. Every time we would remote view the future event, we noticed shifts and changes in the "next attack", until finally it would morph into something totally different, or completely disappear.

Of  course, we provided the remote viewing information to the FBI, and they were taking preventative measures so the attacks would not occur, which was part of the reason for the shifting scenarios.

There is another side to this though, and it heads off into the realm of quantum strangeness.

Is remote viewing the future even possible?

This has been a question over the years by other RV groups because, like us, they have also noticed the shifting sands of future events. You can obtain data on a very specific question with multiple Remote Viewers and come to a theoretically stable conclusion on an event occurring. The time comes, and nothing happens, or it's a watered down event from your original data. Mind you, some do come to full fruition, but whether you nail it or don't, it doesn't have a lot to with whether you are "good" or not. It has to do with probabilities and consciousness.

Quantum Mysticism

We have a write up on the double slit experiment, and if you are unaware of it, I suggest clicking that link to read up on it first. If anything, watch the video on that page.

Remote viewing the future is not unlike the double slit experiment - an experiment in quantum physics which shows that a photon (a light particle) will act like a wave and a particle at the same time. When you try to observe, or measure the experiment, the behavior of the electrons will change. It appears consciousness affects it, or creates the reality of the measurement.

To top it all off, a single photon will interfere with itself once it goes through two slits creating what’s called an “interference pattern”. That is a paradox because it implies the single photon, before it heads through the slits, goes though all the possibilities of itself going through the slits. This is in part where the multiple universe theory comes from, because in order for the single photon to interfere with itself, it’s thought it would have to encounter itself from other dimensions.

Where it’s akin to remote viewing is on multiple levels.

Picture the whole experiment as a “remote viewing the future” experiment. The single photon is a course, or a trajectory of an event you want to know about in the future. Pretty straight forward. But the photon as it moves forward in time goes through all the possibilities of how it could end up, and it displays all the probabilities as a wave function. Some of the possibilities cancel each other out, some are emphasized, but they are all there.

In the experiment something funny happens when you place an observer in the middle, which is akin to the Remote Viewer observing the outcome of a future event. What happens is the wave function collapses and now the photon acts like a particle, giving only one possibility.

I decided to dig into the question, with RV, as to why this occurs. The basic question was to describe why Remote Viewers, or psychics, will sometimes nail the future event and sometimes not - and I found the data interesting, so I thought I would share. Also, don't take it as the end-all-be-all, as there is always room for different and unexpected things to occur! We are, after all, possibly dealing with things on a quantum level.

The Data:

A Remote Viewer on future events:

"It's like a wave of colors constantly ebbing and flowing out of a hole of unknown probabilities".

Overall, the Remote Viewers describe an energy, paraphysical in nature, which looks like a large band of rainbow colors. One viewer describes this as coming from a hole, a "source".

remote viewing future eventsFurther descriptions relate an act occurring where someone is trying to corral it. Even though they do corral it for a moment, it continues on, constantly ebbing and flowing.

The wave of colors from the Remote Viewers is the future event with its constantly changing probabilities, and it is also reminiscent of the way a particle will behave like a wave. Then, this source point of the energy is much like the photon being shot out in the double slit experiment.

After that you have the act of corralling, which is akin to the observer within the double slit experiment trying to measure it. The thing is, the Viewers describe that the energy still flows and changes even after this attempt to define it.

Now add this to the mix. The Viewers describe this act of corralling as "poisoning" and "creating instability". Does this mean that placing consciousness on the event itself can change it in unknown ways? It seems to imply that.

Overall I am coming to a couple of conclusions from this data:

  1. As a Remote Viewer, we can only grab a snippet of all probabilities of a future event, and this snippet is going to be the likeliest outcome from our point in time. As you get closer to the event, this wave keeps changing because of other impacts on it, and that seems to be the basic nature of future events within the context of time.
  2. The Remote Viewers suggest that the act of grabbing this snippet can impact the future event in an unknown way.

In the context of the work surrounding future terrorist attacks I think, in part, the above came into play, but of course, a lot of work went into stopping them as well - and continues to go into stopping them.

So when you ask a psychic, clairvoyant or Remote Viewer to tell you when you'll get that next job, when the love of your life will come, or when North Korea will nuke everyone, you need to take it with a grain of salt. The most probable outcome from the moment you ask will be given, but things can change from that point on.

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  1. Eva
    April 13, 2016

    Wow, very interesting topic. Reminds me a bit of how Buddha (according to palicanon) seemed to imply that thinking about ‘myself in the future’ might not be conducive to enlightenment. Course he could have been talking about other issues entirely, but still interesting. And glad to see this website and updates are still alive and kicking for this year too. ;-P

    • righthemi
      April 14, 2016

      Eva!! Been a long time! I agree, playing in future thoughts keeps you from seeing what is right now… this moment. To know and experience what reality is, lies in the unfolding now, not in the future. Yea, still kicking.. too many half-done projects and investigations to get done – barring unforeseen circumstances ;)

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