Remote Viewing Aliens

Posted by on March 30, 2016

remote viewing aliensThe one thing you'll notice when remote viewing aliens (aka extraterrestrials), is they often take notice of you during your remote viewing session, if the session crosses their path. What sometimes occurs after that, is an actual visit.

There are few humans I have remote viewed who can take notice of a Remote Viewer in a conscious way. Most have dulled senses, and even if they did perceive "something", it quickly gets brushed off as imagination.

With the aliens we sometimes remote view, many of them exist just outside our dimension or have access to this 4th dimensional (and beyond) realm in a way that we do not. It is within theses realms we operate in, and move through as Remote Viewers. So if you're walking down the street and a stranger approaches, staring, looking you over intently and poking, this is what it would be like if you were and alien and a Remote Viewer walked up. I have poked many times, and have gotten poked back many times when remote viewing aliens.

One particular incident occurred on a Remote Viewing project involving the Arecibo Radio Telescope Array in Puerto Rico - the one in the movie Contact, with Jodie Foster. At this location, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) works to capture and analyze signals from deep space. Looking for any patterns, their assumption is that an intelligent species somewhere in the Universe should be sending out signals we could potentially decipher as being intelligent. It was at this location, Joyce Murphy and Ruben Uriarte, were heading to investigate some strange reports for their Learning Channel TV series, Beyond Boundaries.

With locals reporting many sightings of the fabled Chupacabra, as well as strange lights in the sky over this whole area, they asked if our team of Remote Viewers could provide information on both. Specifically, if the Chupacabra was actually something real, and if so, where could they film one. The other was - the source of the lights in the sky the people in the area were reporting.

I'll admit, I was very skeptical of the Chupacabra reports over the previous years, but the remote viewing data we got back left me with little doubt it was a real phenomena. If I had any doubt at all, it was crushed years later when my son and I saw a creature in Southern California which was the exact same description the lone witnesses gave, and the same as what showed in our data. Our data also relayed that the Chupacabra and other wildlife was extremely agitated, and this agitation had to do with the other half of our project - the strange lights in the sky. It appeared that whatever phenomena was occurring here, was really stirring up the local wildlife.

In the dark night sky, the locals were reporting swirls of light coming down, along with colored beams shooting up from the ground. It was relayed to us that the locals were being told by "officials"  - "we are bringing our satellites down for servicing"! Night after night, over the jungles this was happening and causing some concern, especially with the up-tick in strange creature sightings.

I was the first Remote Viewer in on this one, which in retrospect was probably why things ended up the way they did... the ultimate end result of remote viewing aliens. In that first session on the source of the lights, I perceived beings who were swiftly moving into the Earth's atmosphere and ending up in the jungles around Arecibo. It was as though they were in pods being superheated as they dove down through our atmosphere and embedded their steaming mass into the ground, like seeds from space. When I began to probe the beings behind it all, I immediately perceived an intense and acerbic intelligence. In that moment, I could feel their consciousness turn toward me, and I knew I was going to get a visit. The question was, when?

In the whole scope of the project, we found they were actually pulsing themselves through a signal from a far off place on the edge of a Magellanic Cloud. The amazing thing was, the array at Arecibo was picking this signal up, and puzzling over it because they knew it was intelligent. The other amazing thing was, these beings were at once the signal and not the signal. A part of it, and separate from it, and when you get into the dimensions beyond ours, this is entirely possible.

Even though they were within this 4D and possibly beyond realm, it wasn't two weeks later when they showed up at my house in the physical.

To be continued in the next post - The Visit - what happens after remote viewing aliens...

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  1. 4EverEvolving1
    April 1, 2016

    This is just so crazy reading this post! It is super creepy that aliens pay you actual physical visits. I also think you and other Remote Viewers have a ton of courage to know that you will get a visit, while continuing to still remote view the aliens. I know this physical world is a tiny fraction of the whole, but when your data helps paint a clearer picture of reality, it is fascinating. Thank you. I can’t wait to hear more….

    • righthemi
      April 14, 2016

      It’s not just aliens, ghosts too! Anything living in 4D realm and beyond can see us and interact with us. You really have to trust that your “Tasker” (the one who writes up your targets/objectives) does not send you to view something extremely negative in that realm. I has happened, and it’s not fun!

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