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Ah yes. Yet another defunct nuclear power plant now turned into a happy fun park for your kids to enjoy, along with a bit of glowing death.

If what the "UFO's" are doing in this area is any indication of contamination, then I would not let your kids play in the habitrail cooling towers.

I jest, somewhat. The "park" if you looked closely at that photo, is behind this power plant, even though the sign points right at it. While the "nuclear" part is now decommissioned, parts of it are still being used and it is all fenced off.  I'm sure it's perfectly safe ;)

Anyway, there have been stories coming out of this area for a long time. In fact this general area near Sacramento California is known to be a corridor of high strangeness. If you're into the UFO lore, you'll know that back in the 1800's there were published reports in newspapers of "airships" that moved in amazing and uncanny ways in this general area.

UFO reports often follow in areas where there are nuclear power plants but this one was built in the 1970's, while the phenomena itself has been happening much longer in this location.

We are no stranger to high strangeness, so when we got word of the events occurring here and what the witnesses were describing... well, we can't leave well enough alone, and did two things - we tasked our Remote Viewers on various aspects of the claims, and we headed out to interview and investigate.

The overriding reports have to do with visuals of crafts landing and photos of these craft. There are also reports and photos of Grey aliens as well as a host of other phenomena and creatures sighted.

Our initial foray was just to remote view a purported craft that landed in a field in the dark to nail down whether the base claim is true, misidentified, or hoaxed.

This photo (below) was provided to us, and was taken by a witness who claims to have seen these come and go over the years. This particular sighting took place in a field near the house of the witness, and along with this purported event, the witness claims seeing Grey aliens standing around in the dark.


My initial thought was that those three lights look suspiciously like the 3 cab lights on the front of a semi truck. I also could not coax any more details out of that photo by adjusting the levels and exposure.

As far as this photo is concerned - as it relates to evidence - just add it to the pile of another dark and fuzzy UFO photo that could be anything.

But - with Remote Viewing we can begin to understand what happened here, whether it is anomalous or mundane, fantasico o mundano!

The basic tasking for this photo was - Describe the object with the lights in the photograph and the moment/event in which the witness took the photo.

The data across sessions was very congruent and easy to understand for the most part. Often times when you get into these types of objectives that could potentially contain high strangeness, it can be very difficult to understand what's happening even though the sessions are very congruent. It's a language we don't speak, because these are things created by beings that exist in a totally different world from us. It would be akin to describing a car to someone from 1000 AD... Remote Viewer: "Well, it moves by the power of dead Dinosaur monsters and....". 1000 AD Citizen: "Kill the witch!!!!!".

The Data -

"It's like some large structure is settling down from the air"

"The structure has lights on it and is see-sawing as it's coming down"

"Breaking down", "Like it is stuck"

Overall the sessions describe an ionized and very energetic structure as it "floats like a balloon" down, with lights that change color from orange to red and spin in different configurations.

One viewer describes an "electrostatic/electrogravitic" field that the structure is generating as well as an intense pressure occurring within it. "Like positive and negative opposing each other and creating a lot of pressure". This occurs in tandem with language describing a "break down". It appears that there were issues with the mechanism that drives this particular craft - OR, this area is used as a "refueling" and "re-energizing" area.

The viewers describe this structure coming down from the air with what appears to be electrogravitic forces within it and production of a palpable ionized and electrical energy around it. Ok, not so mundane and I don't recall semi-trucks that fly.

The structure itself is described as:

  • Darker than black
  • Small with one subject in it
  • Lights constantly changing around it and spinning
  • Strange symbols on the structure
  • Metallic

The symbols are interesting because they were described by multiple viewers. We do find these on objectives where we find strange unidentified craft.

From a viewer -





There is also one subject associated with this structure. This subject is described as having a heavy Paraphysical aspect to it and is small.

A note about "paraphysical" - It refers to an aspect that we all have which exists outside of 3D reality. It can relate to a lot of things, but normally a human encountered in a session does not have too much of a paraphysical aspect under normal everyday circumstances. When a viewer begins to describe this aspect as being "heavy", it typically means that this is a being that exists more on the outside of our 3D reality, in a more energetic state.

The subject is described as being very small, "puffy" and expanded energetically. It moves around very fast and wants to be somewhat elusive. As it moves quickly, there is a whistling sound and - "Darts around in a yard feeling".

Then we get the statement from one viewer - "it feels very alien-like", and from another, we get this sketch -


Well, it does look like we got ourselves some Aliens...

... and the base claim is moving in a direction of being true from an RV perspective.

  • Witness stated that a craft/UFO was landing - check.
  • Witness stated that they saw Grey aliens - check.

Even though these sessions were very clear and they back up witness accounts, I still wanted to task the angle of the "witness reaction to the event", just for good measure.

Unless you're an alien yourself you would probably freak out if you saw this. If you hoaxed it, then you would be laughing and thinking about all the people you'll fool, the money you'll make, and the book you're going to write.

No really, we have seen this before! People will hoax these things because they believe they can make a bit of cash, although I can't really fathom that thought because there is not a hell of a lot of money flowing around in this field, and geeze... bad karma. Be kind and honest to yourself and others.

From those sessions, it does look like the primary witness that took the photo is indeed human and does not know what is happening.

Some pieces of data -

"Perplexed and confused"

"W= What the hell is that!"

"Subject is considering running"

"W= I knew they were here"

"A big smile on their face"

Note that W= stands for "Word", and is something the viewer will write when they hear a word or statement as opposed to seeing or feeling it. It often comes out of the blue and will seem unrelated to much of the data a viewer is getting.

In out estimation, it does appear that the base claim is true and we do have some high strangeness occurring.

Next up, we dig into these questions -

Who are they?
Where do they come from?
Why are they there?

Look for this soon, as well as what we found when we went to interview the witnesses and spent the night in a lonely spooky Alien filled field near a defunct nuclear power plant.

In the meantime, you can read up on Remote Viewing Aliens at the link.

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    June 5, 2015

    I love how you wrote this case. It was awesome the answers you arrived at. It really gave me a creepy feeling knowing that these beings/aliens are paraphysical. The information is great. Thank you.

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