Starfish Die Off – Remote Viewing

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Starfish by the millions have been dying off up and down the west coast of North America since 2013. Scientists are baffled by the wasting disease and are frantically trying

The JC Brown Mystery

Aug/5 By

The mystery of JC Brown is quite a fascinating one, and it’s one that we have been digging into with Remote Viewing recently. We also made a trip up to

Field Investigation of Tomales Pt Rock Lines

Aug/4 By

This is the follow up to the other post on Remote Viewing the Tomales Point Rock Lines. If you have not read that one, then I suggest you do so

Remote Viewing the Tomales Point Rock Lines

Aug/2 By

In the early 1900’s there were hundreds of reports of giants (giant humans) being found across the whole United States. Farmers would dig up “Indian Mounds” and they would be

Light on Mars

What is that light on Mars?

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Just recently, the below image was rolling around the internet, with some claiming that it’s proof of alien life on Mars, and some claiming otherwise. These are always fun to