Megalithic Monuments of Los Angeles

Posted by on January 17, 2015

lionlaOne area that we really like to dig into are the mysterious structures that are found here and there along the west coast of the United States... primarily California.

There is the Tomales Point Rock line which we have been investigating. The mysterious East Bay Walls, and no one knows who built them or why (they stretch all the way down to Morro Bay). We have some stones with Ogham (Ogham!!) writing on them in Lake County California, and don't even get me started on what's happening in Mt Shasta. I mention just a small sliver here, but believe me, there is much much more.

What's interesting is that many Native tribes, especially up in the Shasta area have legends of giant beings (among others) that were here before they arrived. Could it be that some of these structures are remnants from them or others from the Earths' deep past - a past that has been forgotten and mostly washed away by time?

A lot of these are not investigated by archeologists because they do not fit neatly into the prescribed history that someone had decided upon long ago. We do know that when the Smithsonian was brought into investigate Giant claims back in the early 1900's, evidence would mysteriously disappear and denials would ensue. I would not trust them to give us accurate information on humanities or Earths past, as they have an agenda...

On yet another quest to put the puzzle pieces together of Earth's ancient past, we decided to look into what is going on in LA with regard to claims of some potentially mysterious structures in the Malibu Mountains. See the article here -

malibu sphinxThe particular one we looked into (and we will look into the others) was what is known as the Sphinx, as photographed above and to the left.


The tasking was very basic and one that we are very used to, namely - "Describe the process that created what has been called the "Sphinx Face", located in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles. Viewer will determine if this was created naturally or if it was created by the means of a subject or subjects". It's pretty straight forward, and if it were formed by any means other than a natural process, it would be readily apparent in the data because the gestalts from natural to artificial are so different. Keep in mind that the Remote Viewers are blind to the tasking and never know what they are to view. For this project, 3 Remote Viewers provided data.

Right from the start the viewers described ice and how ice carves a surface.

They also described wind patterns and wetness as it washes over a surface.

They described environmental factors and place it in the context of such phrases as, "like a book opening" and "like a flower opening over time".

Those are also interesting phrases which imply that this land form was created over a period of time.

Aside from that, all viewers stated that there "is not much here at all".

So, given that we have language from the Remote Viewers that speaks to ice, water, wind and time, with nothing on the side of people/beings carving or constructing, I am going with - This thing is natural and this is merely a case of pareidolia.

Stay tuned though - we will look into the other landforms at the link because we know that there are mysteries to be had all over California, and we're hoping one pans out.




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