The JC Brown Mystery

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JC BrownThe mystery of JC Brown is quite a fascinating one, and it's one that we have been digging into with Remote Viewing recently. We also made a trip up to the Cascades to investigate.

(Note - A book you will want to get on this subject and other mysteries around Mt. Shasta is - Mount Shasta's Forgotten History and Legends by Dustin Naef - set to release Sept 30, but can be pre-ordered. I can attest that it is unlike any other book on the subject, with research no one to date has done)

In 1904 a man named JC Brown was working for the Lord Cowdry Mining Company as an oil field geologist. As the story goes, it was his job to suss out how to get the oil out of the ground as well as all the factors associated with finding it from a geologic perspective. This time though, in 1904, they asked him to conduct a search for gold up in the Cascades. The big gold rush had already happened years earlier but presumably they were hoping to find untapped areas. The assumption by a lot of researchers was that the location he was exploring was somewhere around Mt Shasta, but ultimately no one really knows as it is all coming from tangential evidence and not from JC Brown.


According to Brown, as he was climbing along a cliff line he came across a curious rockfall that he felt was out of place. Moving away some of the stone, he began to see an opening that revealed a downward sloping cave. Undaunted, he made his way in. His claim follows that he traversed downward for 3 miles when he came across a cross-section of gold bearing ore. A bit beyond that he found copper, which according to him, had evidence of it being mined at one point. At the 11 mile mark (yes - 11 miles!), he came across what he called the Village. This was an area full of rooms and chambers with many treasures strewn about - concave gold plates and shields, statues made of copper and gold, hieroglyphs on the objects and on the walls. Most astounding though was his claim of finding 27 skeletons and 2 mummies in one of the rooms. These remains were all in the realm of 6'6" tall to 10' tall. The mummified remains were done up in ornate robes and seemingly separated from the other skeletons, which caused him to surmise that they were a king and a queen. For days he wandered the village and imprinted it all on his mind.


After he made is way back out into the sunlit world, he disappeared for 30 years! In 1934 at 79 years old he re-appeared in Stockton California. In six weeks time he organized 80 people (apparently at his expense) to head up into the mountains to the cave and document the find. That's where this story ends, because the night before they were to leave, JC Brown disappeared and was never seen, nor heard from again.


I have a lot issues with this story right from the start... It's way too far-fetched. 11 miles underground, no evidence of anything he brought out from the cave, he disappeared for 30 years and never went back to it, he came back to organize a search party, etc.. It sounded to me like he was trying to take many people for a ride here, and then take off with their money (even though the story states that he took no money from anyone).


We have a great tool at our disposal though! These are very simple Remote Viewing taskings... i.e. to find the reality of any given claim. Here's a "for instance": There was a guy named Jonathan Reed back in the late 1990's (I think) who claimed to have shot and killed an alien in a forest in Washington state. He took the alien home, it came back to life, the government came in, took it, and all he had left were some very poor quality photos and video. We sent a couple of Remote Viewers in to see what the reality of those claims were and in particular, what he was doing at the moment he claims all of this took place. Well... based on all the data, we got him and a buddy at some resort casino, hanging in a hot tub and laughing about making this whole story up! I expected the same type of data from this venture as well.


This was not to be so. All the Remote Viewers were blind to the objective, so they had no idea where I would send them. They all get him struggling with a cave opening and finally breaching through. They describe him moving underground, under rock, in a downward direction (I do not think he went 11 miles though). Most amazingly, the viewers described the concave gold plates, the gold statues, the hieroglyphs, pyramidal type structures, and the mummies. Yes, the giant mummies. So it turns out according to our data, that JC Brown was not lounging in a casino drunk and concocting a story so that he could fleece someone - he did indeed find what he claimed to have found.


So the next question is - What happened to him the night before they were to leave on the expedition in 1934 which caused him to disappear?


Again, very clear data on this. He was murdered. He knew they were coming for him as well. There was an odd gratefulness to his death, as though he was so tired of being here and very grateful to finally leave. The ones that murdered him were tangentially related to the expedition but ultimately not involved. They had wanted it for themselves, but as far as I can tell, they did not get what they wanted. This requires a bit more fleshing out though... likely in some future taskings.


The reason why I believe they did not get what they wanted was because of the next pressing question that the Remote Viewers were tasked with - Describe what is currently in the cave of interest that JC Brown found in 1904. Again, the viewers described mummies and relics much like the first tasking. It could have been that they did make it to the cave and possibly got a few items, or died in there, or got lost. Reason why I think they may have gotten to the cave or the area is because we have JC Brown during the murder getting stuffed into a small rocky space. He could have led them there where they killed him. It does not really matter so much to me at this point because the pressing question was answered and that is - this cave exists and it still has relics and mummies.


Pretty epic story.


We also did a lot of work on the location of the cave and when we went to investigate, it gets even more fascinating. We had an adventure to a site full of strange petroglyphs that were clearly Egyptian (among others), intense energetic beings following our every move, and Bigfoot! :)


It will take more trips out there, but stay tuned for another installment (at some point).




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  1. mscir
    March 18, 2015

    Very interesting story. FWIW I tried to see what I could get and my results tallied with yours, no way 11 miles, but yes to finding awesome skeletons and relics. You might consider assembling a team of viewers to map dowse the location of this cave, how cool would it be find it?! TKR has RVers who are up to this task.

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