Field Investigation of Tomales Pt Rock Lines

Posted by on August 4, 2014

This is the follow up to the other post on Remote Viewing the Tomales Point Rock Lines. If you have not read that one, then I suggest you do so before reading this one by clicking on the link above.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 5.04.02 PMThe field investigation involved 3 viewers on the project. Me, your writer, and two other remote viewers on the team.

It's mid-summer in the Bay Area, but that doesn't mean much! On the coast it's typically packed in with fog most summer days and it feels like winter-time. It actually makes for nice hiking conditions because you're not getting heat stroke and sunburned, but laying out on the beach in the summer in the bay area is unheard of. As is typical that day, we ran into dense fog as well as a howling wind as we made our way out to investigate.


Just as we arrived and parked near Tomales Point, the three of us immediately became highly disoriented and confused. It literally felt as though we parked within a portal of some sort and were about to get swept away. In order to stop this feeling and not get sucked in we had to re-park the car somewhere else. Right off the bat though, the energy was very palpable and unexpected.


As you hike out toward Tomales Point, you pass an old haunted ranch and some very tall and amazing Cypress trees standing like ancient sentinels. Overall, the hike has a crashing ocean on one side, wind swept grassy hills in the middle and tranquil bay on the other side, all of which you can see at once from certain vantage points. As we hiked the trail, the shreds and whisps of fog clouds moved all around us, obscuring what was once there and revealing what was not, moment by moment. It was an eery beauty.


At one point early on in the hike, one of the Remote Viewers was being drawn off-trail and up a hill to see what was on the other side of it - as she stated, she was getting drawn up there by "something else", and it was an intuitive and gut feeling she had. All of us had already been feeling a lot of strange energies and a lot of different beings, but this is where they started to slip out of the ether and into the physical. As she was walking up this hill, I saw as clear as day a large black shadow walk toward her, and just as I began to verbally warn her of this, it faded away. Once she got back down to the trail and we started hiking, it, or "something" came back. We heard something run up behind us, like footsteps and brush crashing, and then 2 loud screeching sounds that came out of nowhere. Initial shock, and then a shrug of the shoulders, we moved on. This was turning out to be a very active site with a lot of strange and conflicting energies.


As we hiked the trail I slipped into my head and went over all the Remote Viewing data that we might be able to verify - What did the remote viewing sessions say about this place?


  • A lot of paranormal and paraphysical activity
    • We were already finding this while we hiked. Along with the intense interactions with paraphysical beings, we were also feeling a lot of conflicting energies as we walked the trail.
  • Subjects that are “ready to leave” and floating off
    • The being that was interacting with us was not ready to leave! It was likely protecting the site and also very curious about us because we were different than the average hiker. Because we already viewed this and picked up on a lot of paraphysicals, they would come forward to interact with us.
  • A portal type energy that transfers subjects
    • You could clearly feel this, but there were also a lot of other conflicting energies. At one point it felt as though we were being pushed down into the earth while at other times we were feeling vortexes and then a very intense directional energy. There was clearly a portal type energy though, and I would say that it was overriding.
  • Burials under rocks, stones and structures
    • This is clearly something that we could not verify... but read on. Because this was an active site on many levels, we were also looking for anything else that could not occur naturally.

At about 1.5 miles we crested a hill and that's when we started to see what appeared to be burial mounds. Obviously this is just speculation but they appeared out of place both visually and energetically. The other viewers and myself clearly felt that there were bones in the ground here and our data also pointed to burials. There were even some mid-sized rocks carefully propped up on some of them as if to mark the locations.


The rock line itself is situated amongst some very large propped up rocks, and it really does have the feel of a megalithic site. The energy on the rock line is very directional and one Remote Viewer was battling nausea whenever she touched the rocks. There is one last rock before the cliff which is flat looking and launch pad like. It almost feels as though you would be swept over the cliff at this point because of the directional energy of the whole line.


Around the rock line in areas dotting the landscape are scrabbles of boulders. Within these areas are some massive boulders seeming propped up as markers. We did not explore all of them, but we need to, because I suspect that there is more to find.


For the one that we did explore, we found some curious things. The wind, the fog and the rain constantly erode the features here so it's difficult to know for sure, but as we were standing there from a slight distance, we noticed 3 sharp downward lines dropping from the upper edge of the rock. Lines that almost looked carved. With a faint sun peering through the shredding fog, it appeared to almost line up with the these lines. My immediate thought was that it could be a solstice marker. My next thought and statement to the team was, if those lines are really carved and this is a solstice marker,  then I'll bet there is a hole on top of that rock and in line with the marks. Native Americans and ancient cultures would often create these to mark certain times of the year for ceremonial purposes among other things. To our amazement, there was a pencil sized hole on the top of the rock directly in line with the middle mark. It's hard to tell because of the erosion but it was uncanny to find that. We placed a stick in the hole, as they would have done, and sure enough it lined up with the sun and the shadow of the stick would have lined up with one of the (supposed) carved lines. I suspect that the 3 lines on the face of the rock would be a marker for different times of the year.


Aside from that find, we also found what appeared to be carved pieces of stone here and there in this rock scrabble area.


Unfortunately the sun was waning and we had to hike back out, but we are planning another trip out there for further investigation (and better photos). There is much more to discovered there. Stay tuned!









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