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East Bay Rock Wall

Posted by on January 25, 2016

East Bay Rock WallThere exists a place on the edge of the consciousness of a major metropolis.

A place just on the border of the mental and physical outskirts of San Francisco that appears mundane and un-fantastic.

To the uninitiated, they are just boulders organized into walls, presumably by ranchers, because that would make the most sense. Some melted into the ground, some standing tall, some that go on for miles.

Yes, it must have been ranchers...

Then again, when you don't have a reference point or context for anything else, what would you assume?

The scope of these walls are extensive. They run from Morro Bay in Central California all the way to Mt. Shasta, if not Oregon.

Some stretch up to 50 miles long, some go a few hundred feet and end as abruptly as they began. In some areas they are literally everywhere, lines running parallel and perpendicular to each other in relative close proximity. Some travel up hills you can hardly walk up, let alone roll a couple ton boulder up. Some ring mountains, and some even have bore holes in them.

There is also quite a bit of speculation on who built them, from ranchers, the Chinese, Native Americans and anyone else postulated as to having been in the area.

The basic tenet is that they were used for protection and containment of animals, property markers, or as a safeguard from some other type of interloper.

What else is a wall for anyway?

I would suggest reading this well researched article on the walls because it lays out in detail the more conventional explanations for them -

The fact is, no one claims them, nor knows who built them. The only place anyone can go with this is a wild guess.

When a Wall is not a Wall

It's interesting to think that when we see a line of stones as such, the only reference point we have is a wall to keep something in or out,  set a property line, retaining wall, etc. We really have no other context for them other than what we use them for.

But what if this were not a wall in our conceptual sense, but rather, something entirely different?

That is what we found when we used remote viewing to try and figure out why they were built.

Our basic question was "Describe the purpose for building the East Bay Walls". Now this tasking is very general, and there could be different purposes for each section, so we also tasked on a specific wall, which is the photo above (and one I took when exploring them). Interestingly, the data is the same between the two taskings.

So what does the data reveal about the reason they were constructed?

Much like the Tomales Standing Stone project, there is similar yet slightly different data here and absolutely nothing to indicate a property line/containment/protection/decoration gestalt.

The predominant gestalts all viewers described are:

  • An energy flow which comes in waves
  • Magnetism
  • Electrical charge

In fact, you really start to think that maybe somehow the definition of a wall has mysteriously changed and I didn't get the memo. So as a control we also tasked what this wall was built for -

rockwall2As expected, the data was totally different. Some words from the viewers:

  • Pen
  • Control
  • Protect
  • Separation
  • Viewers describing animals as well

You get the idea...

Ok, it looks like the basic nature of a wall has not changed, so let's move into what the viewers see.

Overall, from session to session the congruencies are apparent and fascinating.

The viewers predominantly describe these walls with Intense magnetic fields and lines of flux, like a webbed structure with electrostatic energy.

My thought is that there is much missing with them currently - washed away over possibly tens of thousands of years, as the viewers state they are ancient. Today they are mishmash of lines popping up here and there but it's likely there was a cohesion and at least one central point they connected. Where those points would be, I don't know - but I'd sure like to find out.

The surges of energy are big, rushing and do not occur in regularity, but are intermittent. They talk of circuits, positive and negative connections where a fluid and chemical process is occurring. This is interesting because it sounds like a battery.

There is a bulbous structure described in relation to the walls  across sessions and within this structure, there is a blue snaking energy. I find this particular aspect interesting because it reminds me of the image below. Of course it is controversial because there are likely other interpretations that are not an ancient light bulb. If you look at the image,  there is a line like a cord, which runs from the purported bulb to a subject on a pillar. The subject has what appears to be a solar disk above their head.

strangeglyphHere is a video on someone’s extrapolation on how the above would work, and I have to say, this is very much like what the viewers are describing - a bulbous object and a blue snaky energy in it.

There are bore holes found in some sections of these walls, so I decided to have a look into those as well. Just a simple tasking on what the bore holes are for/why they were created.

Apparently this is where the highly energetic stuff occurs - where the energy wells up and can be used. The viewers describe a pole which goes through the bore hole with positive and negative terminals. From that, we have an electrical charge and a chemical process, as well as a large magnetic field. The reference to a chemical process specific to this is interesting because it really sounds like battery. It's as though the bore holes were where they "plugged" into the current these walls accumulated and transferred.

So the energy? Is that even possible? Here we have walls with the apparent ability to accumulate and move electrical energy so much so that it's useful, and likely used for many different applications.

Ancient Technology

There is precedent for what the remote viewers are describing, which is telluric current. Known to the scientific community as well as the fringe, this energy occurs in the crust and mantle of the Earth and they are geomagnetically induced. You in fact, in your own backyard, can tap into it and create an earth battery which can power some of your every day items.

It appears through remote viewing, these "walls" were meant to accumulate this and make it useful. This is not unheard of either as there are fringe scientists who postulate that the pyramids in Egypt were used as something akin to a giant capacitor, generating electricity. The ancients were clearly a step ahead of Edison.

There was also some indication within the sessions that there were carvings on rocks in or associated with the walls in some capacity. My intent was to head out to investigate the walls and see if I could find any carvings. I did know, though other people, there were bore holes, so it wasn't out of the question.

My Trip Out

These walls are littered throughout the East Bay so I made my way out there to find a section to check out. My intent was to go way out and get away from the daytrippers walking the nature freeways. It's easy enough because these things are everywhere, but you do need to hike.

Hiking around 7 miles in I found a remote area littered with walls and no one to be seen for miles. The walls were running on hilltops, in valleys, some intact and some collapsed with stone desiccated. Inspecting the rocks the walls are made of, they looked to be a basalt with quartz in it, which is known to build and transfer an electrical charge. The wall I really focused on in the photo, the high point was almost 5 feet tall and nearly as wide. I searched on this wall and others near for anything carved but found nothing.

Because the hike took a while, it was blazing hot, and the sun was on it's way down, I had to begin the journey out before it got dark and wasn't able to spend a lot of time there. On my way out, near the wall in the photograph above, I found this -


Side view of same rock: carvedsideClearly carved, and clearly carved a long time ago. This is way out there, so no one is going to see this... it's not even close to a trail, and it's likely there are more carved stones littered here and there.

I desperately needed to stay and hunt around at this point for other clues, but I had to save it for another day.

So, one point for the remote viewing data... I found something carved.

I think the next steps are:

  1. Taking instrumentation out, a DC meter perhaps, to see if there are any readings that can be gotten off the rocks. If there is, an experiment could be set up using the bore holes where the energy wells up. Timing is likely crucial here as telluric current can ebb and flow - stronger in the morning and during geomagnetic events. Who knows whether there is any activity in them at all any more. The current energetic lines could have shifted and sections of walls may be gone that were necessary for an energetic flow.
  2. There are likely more carved stones out here, and a longer exploration to find them is needed.
  3. See if there is evidence of a central point these walls met and investigate that area. There could be a remote location similar to the one at Tomales Point where you have what appear to be standing stones.. and, not mentioned in the last report I did on Tomales, I went back out and found a round terraced area with standing stones within it. Very old, very weathered and it adds to the overall wow factor.

On the remote viewing side, we need to look into more about the subjects who created these walls and I also need to task on the carved stone I found, among many other ideas.

These are some fascinating areas that deserve more serious attention, then again, I'm just a crazy remote viewer making wild statements ;)

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    February 12, 2016

    Good job. I wait in anticipation for new stuff you guys put out. I really think you present the remote viewed data very well. The follow up presented with pictures and video is awesome. You are getting better and better. This stuff is better than any mystery book.

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