Santa Cruz Remote Viewing Class

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Remote Viewing the Future

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After 9/11 and the collapse of the Twin Towers, the FBI asked our remote viewing company to work on counter-terror issues. It was a time when most in the US

East Bay Rock Wall

The East Bay Mystery Walls

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There exists a place on the edge of the consciousness of a major metropolis. A place just on the border of the mental and physical outskirts of San Francisco that

Rancho Seco UFO’s

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  Ah yes. Yet another defunct nuclear power plant now turned into a happy fun park for your kids to enjoy, along with a bit of glowing death. If what

Taos Hum – Solved?

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Have you ever been to Taos, and have you heard the hum? The Taos Hum is reported to be a very low frequency rumbling that sounds like a distant engine

A State of Not Knowingness

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The term “remote viewing” is military-speak for our inherent ability to perceive non-locally. We can feel things across the galaxy or inside an electron, a million years ago or a

Megalithic Monuments of Los Angeles

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One area that we really like to dig into are the mysterious structures that are found here and there along the west coast of the United States… primarily California.

Remote Viewing Talk in Boise

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We are a diverse group with Remote Viewers spread out across the US. We work together and also do our own thing. So if you happen to be in Boise

Up and Coming Remote Viewing Projects

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It seems our world just keeps getting stranger and stranger. From mysterious booms, to more and more mystery craft in the skies, to concerning animal die-offs and bizarre creature sightings.

Shasta and JC Brown

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This is a follow up (part 2) to the initial JC Brown Mystery and part of what we found in our investigation through Remote Viewing. If you haven’t yet, please