The Time Before the Secret Words
On the Path of Remote Viewing, High Strangeness and Zen
Remote Viewing Book Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle .

“This book has long been overdue. A work of pure brilliance and personal revelations that will leave you wanting more. John lifts the lid on life as a top professional remote viewer and takes the reader on rollercoaster ride featuring the FBI, sinister government spies, treasure hunts, otherworldly encounters, life as a zen Buddhist practitioner and much more. A collectors item for any avid fan of remote viewing.” – Tunde Atunrase author of Remote Viewing UFO’s and the Visitors

Join Dr. Julia Mossbridge and John Vivanco for a live online class based on Remote Viewing but with a emphasis, developed by Dr. Mossbridge, on precognition. Information here - Controlled Precognition.

Online RV Training

If you cannot make it to a Remote Viewing destination class, you can now learn online at your own pace! Introducing a module based training course, as well as support for questions in a private RightHemispheric Discord channel. Read more about it here and sign up - Online RV Training

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