The Time Before the Secret Words
On the Path of Remote Viewing, High Strangeness and Zen
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“This book has long been overdue. A work of pure brilliance and personal revelations that will leave you wanting more. John lifts the lid on life as a top professional remote viewer and takes the reader on rollercoaster ride featuring the FBI, sinister government spies, treasure hunts, otherworldly encounters, life as a zen Buddhist practitioner and much more. A collectors item for any avid fan of remote viewing.” – Tunde Atunrase author of Remote Viewing UFO’s and the Visitors

Disclosure Down Under Disclosure Down Under

John Vivanco, along with James Gilliland, Jordan Sather, The Edge of Wonder, Barry Littleton and Pete Slattery, will be speaking in Australia! Two days of speakers at the Collingwood Town Hall. Get your tickets to the Melbourne event now! Read more about it here and purchase tickets - Disclosure Down Under

Online RV Training

If you cannot make it to a Remote Viewing destination class, you can now learn online at your own pace! Introducing a module based training course, where you will learn the full TDRV methodology. Read more about it here and sign up - Online RV Training

Palomar Mountain UFO’s
We set out to remote view some current UFO activity around Palomar Mountain California. Once we saw that there was
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Remote Viewing Skinny Bob
This project was engaged in order to understand whether the Skinny Bob story is true or not true. You may
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Remote Viewing a False Door
A Remote Viewing investigation of something curious in Mt. Shasta.  
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The Time Before the Secret Words
The Time Before the Secret Words: On the Path of Remote Viewing, High Strangeness and Zen, is now available in
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adam's pyramids
Adam’s Pyramids
On the edge of a steep and grassy cliff plateau, near the end of the world, lies one of the
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The Visit
This is part 2 of Remote Viewing Aliens, so if you have not read the first part, make sure you
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Remote Viewing Aliens
The one thing you'll notice when remote viewing aliens (aka extraterrestrials), is they often take notice of you during your
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Remote Viewing the Future
After 9/11 and the collapse of the Twin Towers, the FBI asked our remote viewing company to work on counter-terror
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East Bay Rock Wall
The East Bay Mystery Walls
There exists a place on the edge of the consciousness of a major metropolis. A place just on the border
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Rancho Seco UFO’s
  Ah yes. Yet another defunct nuclear power plant now turned into a happy fun park for your kids to
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