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Remote Viewing Summer School

6 Weeks of Online Training


Learn how to travel the Universe with your mind!

Remote Viewing was developed by SRI (Stanford Research Institute) with funding from the CIA in the 1970’s, in order to utilize psychics as spies.

Remote Viewing is the technique to perceive any location, subject or object without being near it. Neither time nor location have an affect on being able to perceive with Remote Viewing. In one session you could be viewing something on the other side of the universe, the next, you could be viewing the deep past of Earth.

In 1995, the Remote Viewing protocol was declassified and released to the public. Now you can learn it easily online with John Vivanco!

Whether you are a natural psychic, experienced remote viewer, or someone with no experience, only interest, this class is for you. You will learn and practice remote viewing from the ground up, through lecture, building your template, exercises and a lot of homework, for six weeks!

The beauty of remote viewing is that it forces one to remain in an open and receptive state for a long period of time, which in turn increases psychic abilities and awareness for anyone who continualy practices it. This intense practice and feedback loop, also allows one to really understand their own subconscious/psychic language. So this class is designed to push you in order to set you on your path of full potential.

The class will be conducted with Zoom video conferencing, and at the end of each class there will be time for Q&A. As well, John will comment on your homework either in class or in email to you. If you miss a class, or a portion of a class – no problem! All classes will be recorded and sent to those taking it.

  • Solve ancient mysteries
  • Help find missing people
  • View future technologies
  • Forensic remote viewing
  • View the past, present or future
  • Scientific research
  • Remote heal people and places
  • Win the lottery
  • Work the stock market
  • UFO’s and Aliens
  • Treasure hunting

Midnight in the Desert RV Contest

In fact it’s so easy, John ran a contest on Heather Wade and Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert Radio Show, where he instructed, over the radio – how to Remote View.


Hundreds sent in their quick sketches and the results were astounding. Click image for results.


John began Remote Viewing shortly after it became declassified in 1995. Hired as one of the very few professional Civilian Remote Viewers, he became the Director of Operations for the Remote Viewing Think Tank, Trans Dimensional Systems (TDS).

TDS worked with technology companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and with the FBI on counter-terror issues after 9/11. From there, John went on to work in TV with National Geographic, various documentaries, and TV news programs demonstrating remote viewing.

He is currently the “Resident Remote Viewer” on Heather Wade and Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert radio show, where he brings fascinating remote viewing projects to radio, and teaches the audience how to do it themselves.

His main focus now, is to remote view various mysteries with a team of viewers, then head out on expeditions to film and investigate.

His book – The Time Before the Secret Words – On the path of Remote Viewing, High Strangeness and Zen is available in both paperback and Kindle.





Class Schedule
June 22nd to July 27th
6 Weekly Classes, Thursdays 5:00pm – 7:30 (or so) pm Pacific
  • Week 1 – Tasking, Ideograms and Image Streaming
  • Week 2 – Header, Survey, Scans
  • Week 3 – General Sketch and Matrix
  • Week 4 – Matrix and Movement Exercises
  • Week 5 – Physical Profile and Consciousness Mapping
  • Week 6 – Remote Healing
6 Week RV Training
Payment plan available!
  • All Online
  • Full RV Protocol
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Remote Healing
  • Personalized Attention
  • Limited Spaces Available