Remote Viewing Readings and Services


Please Note – Currently I/we will not be taking on any new clients. Please check back here on occasion for an update as to when it will reopen.

John has been a Remote Viewer for 20 years, having been trained just after it became declassified in 1995. He has used the skill of Remote Viewing in a business capacity, working with hedge funds and computer companies, to police departments and counter-terror for the FBI. On the entertainment side, he has worked on TV shows for National Geographic and news programs demonstrating the skill.

When we do a session together, I will receive information relevant to the questions you want answered and for your highest potential. If you have questions on the future, they come to me as the likeliest possible outcome from this moment in time, but things can change and impact them as you get closer, as nothing is written in stone.

If you’re looking for help, guidance or Remote Viewing sessions in any area please choose from my options below.


“One Question, One Brief Session”

Do you need to see around a blind corner in your life? Do you have just one question you would like answered?

Sometimes we could all use a quick, intuitively guided answer to a question, rather than a full psychic reading, and that’s what this is.

Is this person right for me? Is my girlfriend/boyfriend cheating on me? Will I enjoy this job if I accept it? Will this apartment fit my needs? My cat disappeared, is she alive – and where is she? Are there really aliens on the moon? We all have them.

If you have a quick question, you can receive a quick answer by John, using a process of Remote Viewing. Then you can decide to either have a 15 minute phone call with him, or correspondence on this question through email.

Note – If your question is more involved and you need more information you may instead want a full Remote Viewing session or RV and psychic counselling. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Email Brooke with your question, and she will pull it together so John can Remote View it and set up a call with you, if desired. Email – brooke @ Please specify in your email this is for “One Question, One Brief Session”.

Cost: $45.00


Remote Viewing, Psychic Counseling & Medical Remote Viewing

If you are interested in more in-depth support, John also does a 1 hour session that is a cross between Remote Viewing and psychic counseling, which can include medical RV and Remote Healing, as well. (Please note that as a professional psychic I do not take the place of a medical professional for any condition you’re concerned about).

In this this type of reading you will email John the primary question you want to go into, and he will use Remote Viewing before the 1 hour call as a starting point for the consultation. During the conversation, the Remote Viewing that took place beforehand will be discussed, and there is space for intuitive guidance around other questions you have, so make sure you write them down beforehand. The process used is a combination of Remote Viewing on the fly and connecting with what you need for your greatest potential.

Once the session has been established though email, you will receive a PayPal invoice where you can pay by credit card. From there we will schedule your session.

This situation works well for deeper ongoing guidance.

Contact john @ to set it up, and make sure you state that you would like Remote Viewing, Psychic Counselling.

Cost: $150.00


Remote Viewing Projects and Individual Sessions

We are also a team of Remote Viewers, and are available for extensive projects on nearly any matter. If you’re in need of help on any project which involves many questions, contact john @ for information.


Disclaimer –

By engaging in and accepting an appointment with John, you are 100% responsible for any action taken on the information given during a session and will not hold John liable. The guidance given in no way takes the place of medical or legal advice. If you have a pressing issue in this area, make sure you consult with the proper experts.

All sessions and information given by you is kept strictly confidential.