12 Aug

Palomar Mountain UFO’s

We set out to remote view some current UFO activity around Palomar Mountain California. Once we saw that there was likely some ongoing and current activity around the mountain, we let our remote viewing data lead to a location to capture our own evidence.

05 Aug

The Time Before the Secret Words

TBSW CoverThe Time Before the Secret Words: On the Path of Remote Viewing, High Strangeness and Zen, is now available in paperback and Kindle. Sold at all major book stores.

From the back cover of the book –

“The Time Before the Secret Words” is the true story of one of the few professional Civilian Remote Viewers, and his personal quest to know himself.

From counter-terror work with the FBI, to contact with beings from another world; the story unfolds within the backdrop of death threats and set-ups from a covert group, to projects that exist in the realm of High Strangeness.

His ultimate quest though, is to understand what Mr. Causey told John as  a child –  “you must always remember the time before the secret words”.


14 Apr

Adam’s Pyramids

adam's pyramidsOn the edge of a steep and grassy cliff plateau, near the end of the world, lies one of the most fascinating and potentially oldest megalithic sites in the world – Adam’s Calendar in South Africa. While it’s a known archaeological site, there is a lesser known visual landmark from this windy plateau-top which some venture to speculate on – they call them Adam’s Pyramids.

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25 Jan

The East Bay Mystery Walls

East Bay Rock WallThere exists a place on the edge of the consciousness of a major metropolis.

A place just on the border of the mental and physical outskirts of San Francisco that appears mundane and un-fantastic.

To the uninitiated, they are just boulders organized into walls, presumably by ranchers, because that would make the most sense. Some melted into the ground, some standing tall, some that go on for miles.

Yes, it must have been ranchers…

Then again, when you don’t have a reference point or context for anything else, what would you assume?

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16 May

Rancho Seco UFO’s



Ah yes. Yet another defunct nuclear power plant now turned into a happy fun park for your kids to enjoy, along with a bit of glowing death.

If what the “UFO’s” are doing in this area is any indication of contamination, then I would not let your kids play in the habitrail cooling towers.

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10 May

Taos Hum – Solved?

taos humHave you ever been to Taos, and have you heard the hum? The Taos Hum is reported to be a very low frequency rumbling that sounds like a distant engine idling, but with no known source or direction. Congress had actually ordered a study to find the cause, and while they found nothing concrete, they did surmise that 2% of the words population can hear it… whatever it is.

There have been a lot of theories put forward as to what it is, but in reality no one is closer to understanding it.

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