05 Aug

The Time Before the Secret Words

TBSW CoverThe Time Before the Secret Words: On the Path of Remote Viewing, High Strangeness and Zen, is now available in paperback and Kindle. Sold at all major book stores.

From the back cover of the book –

“The Time Before the Secret Words” is the true story of one of the few professional Civilian Remote Viewers, and his personal quest to know himself.

From counter-terror work with the FBI, to contact with beings from another world; the story unfolds within the backdrop of death threats and set-ups from a covert group, to projects that exist in the realm of High Strangeness.

His ultimate quest though, is to understand what Mr. Causey told John as  a child –  “you must always remember the time before the secret words”.


06 Apr

The Visit

This is part 2 of Remote Viewing Aliens, so if you have not read the first part, make sure you do! This is also an excerpt from my book, The Time Before the Secret Words – On the path of Remote Viewing, High Strangeness and Zen

Dead space. A vacuum all around me; an indescribable ocean of blackness. Not the mundane kind of blackness where you close your eyes and see nothing, but an infinite multi-dimensional, darker than black expanse whose tendrils reach and travel forever. My head was spinning and tumbling like a piece of space debris caught in orbit trying to get its bearings straight. Every once in a while a colossal blue globe would quickly pass my field of vision as I tried emphatically to halt this dead spin and focus in on it. It was the only shaky consistency in my world that I could try and grasp at that moment, being that I couldn’t remember how I got here.

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30 Mar

Remote Viewing Aliens

remote viewing aliensThe one thing you’ll notice when remote viewing aliens (aka extraterrestrials), is they often take notice of you during your remote viewing session, if the session crosses their path. What sometimes occurs after that, is an actual visit.

There are few humans I have remote viewed who can take notice of a Remote Viewer in a conscious way. Most have dulled senses, and even if they did perceive “something”, it quickly gets brushed off as imagination.

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26 Mar

Remote Viewing the Future

After 9/11 and the collapse of the Twin Towers, the FBI asked our remote viewing company to work on counter-terror issues. It was a time when most in the US thought another imminent, especially law enforcement, and they wanted to throw everything at the issue.

We worked many different aspects and angles, from remote viewing current time to remote viewing the future, and one of the questions they wanted answered on a continual basis was: “Describe the next attack on U.S. soil by {such and such} terrorist group”. Sometimes we would work this weekly, sometimes monthly, and the reason why was because it was constantly changing. Every time we would remote view the future event, we noticed shifts and changes in the “next attack”, until finally it would morph into something totally different, or completely disappear.

Of  course, we provided the remote viewing information to the FBI, and they were taking preventative measures so the attacks would not occur, which was part of the reason for the shifting scenarios.

There is another side to this though, and it heads off into the realm of quantum strangeness.

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29 Mar

A State of Not Knowingness

The term “remote viewing” is military-speak for our inherent ability to perceive non-locally. We can feel things across the galaxy or inside an electron, a million years ago or a million years from now. RV is absolutely amazing, even after practicing it for 15 years.

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16 Jan

Remote Viewing Talk in Boise

We are a diverse group with Remote Viewers spread out across the US. We work together and also do our own thing. So if you happen to be in Boise Idaho and want to hear a talk on Remote Viewing with a bit of instruction to boot, go check out Mark Murdock at the Boise Public Library.

Mark is a long time passionate Remote Viewer having received training shortly after the protocol became declassified. He has some, shall we say, “interesting” stories having been in the field for a long time. On top of that, Mark has trained hundreds of people in the Remote Viewing protocol. Skilled, intelligent, funny (he used to be a stand-up comedian!) and an amazing Remote Viewer. If you’re in the area, don’t miss this! Details below –


Learn more about an amazing, natural ability that you possess—to access and describe any and all things in space and time, from the depths of your soul to the far reaches of the universe. All without ever leaving your chair!


WHERE: Boise Main Library. 715 S. Capitol Blvd., Boise, ID 83702

ROOM: Marion Bingham Room, 3rd floor of the Main Library

WHEN: Thursday, February 26, 2015

TIME: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

WHO: Adults (18 and over) only, please. Class size is limited so arrive early/on time.

FEE: None

INSTRUCTOR: Mark Murdock –  mark (at) righthemispheric.com

What is Remote Viewing?

Briefly, Remote Viewing (RV) is a practice originally developed at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and used by the U.S. Military’s Stargate program (now declassified) to essentially train “psychic” spies.

Who is Mark Murdock?

Mark Murdock is a Boise-based RV researcher and writer who was civilian-trained in RV in 1998 and has viewed professionally and for fun ever since.

What is this talk about?

This presentation is designed to introduce people to Remote Viewing—what it is and what it’s not, including clarifying some common misperceptions. You will learn what the practice involves, see some examples of RV work and hear how profoundly life-changing its daily practice can be.

Will I learn how to Remote View in this class?

Only the raw basics, but you will be able to express your interest in an upcoming weekend training class Mark is putting together for the spring of 2015.